About Us

Ragnar Kristjánsson


Ragnar Kristjánsson is owner and manager. He has a vast background in design, advertising, decorative arts and product design both at professional firms and as an independent contractor. He has a real passion for design, creative solutions and tasteful knick knacks that are pleasing to the eye.

Sigga Soffía

Singer & Illustrator

A true songbird with a passion for drawing. To her art is a meditational instrument and she starts drawing whenever she feels the need for inner peace or focus. By picking up her drawing pad and pencil she resets her mind and is able to start afresh. http://siggasoff.tumblr.com/

Steinþór Matthíasson

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

A well seasoned graphic designer with a flare for the old school. Although shorter than the average man his meticulous methods make him a fierce designer and illustrator. Has a habit of loosing himself in microscopic details and gets annoyed when people don't notice them.

Brynja Rut Vilhjálmsdóttir

Art Director

Brynja is energetic, hard working and highly organized. Lover of storytelling, design, and delicious food. It's about the journey and not only the goal.